PeerIndex now provides users with topical influence data

Developers and users can now enjoy greater granular search and category specific TPI or “topical index” data with our new “Lancelot” upgrade. Now users have direct access data pertaining to their influence on the subjects that matter to them most.Now, in addition to the overall PeerIndex score, a user will receive Benchmark TPI scores on 8 major categories (Arts and Entertainment, Technology and Internet, Science and Environment, Health and Medical, Leisure and Lifestyle, Sports, Politics and Business) and 5 niche TPI scores (personal micro topics that resonate with the user from the several thousand topics that PeerIndex tracks).

What does this mean to you? Well for developers the API will now allow:

  • Media aggregator and curation platforms to decide which content should ‘rise to the top’ based on TPI scores
  • CRM platforms can now categorise inbound leads by topic interest
  • Social stream readers can sift discussions to create topic-oriented forums that highlight commentary from specialists
  • Social media platforms can organise users by TPI influence and provide tracking to build communities

We are providing our API service to developers for free (with attribution) for up to 10,000 calls per day. Commercial relationships are also available by emailing


For more information, check out this article about the upgrade.