Looking for an awesome intern: biz dev intern, CEO leverage

PeerIndex, a privately-held startup, building a social scoring platform, is looking for super-smart individual to provide leverage to the CEO and Founder of the Company. Consider it as a ‘second brain’ / ‘right hand person’ role.

 About PeerIndex
We are in a very hot space right now — building one of the first platforms to identify expertise, social reputation and influence of everybody.
The team is small-the CEO and Founder, and an engineering team of four.
We currently have more opportunities than we can handle and are looking for someone to help Azeem Azhar (www.azeemazhar.com & here) the founder in a right-hand intern role.
Azeem is a 16-year industry veteran, with a background in investing, entrepreneurship and financial journalism.

The Role
As ‘second brain to the CEO’ your role will be to provide leverage to Azeem.

Responsbilities will include:

  • Business development support: making suring that our BD pipeline moves forward at the correct pace; that inbound and outbound enquiries are handled well. You will own several of our outbound presentations and be responsible for keeping them up to scratch
  • Analytic support : You will be responsible for both market analytics (e.g. market research) and operational analytics (e.g. looking at service performance and QA issues)
  • Marketing: You will support our outbound and inbound twitter activity
  • General CEO support: You’ll need to make sure that you add to our capacity to execute
  • We will help you learn most of what you need to know.

The candidate
This role will give a candidate exceptional access to the web entrepreneurial process.

We would expect candidates to have

  • exceptional academics, including good numeracy
  • great communication skills : you will be dealing with people internally and externally
  • desire to learn: at it’s easiest the learning curve is vertical, normally it is steeper
  • sense of humour : we don’t take everything too seriously
  • focus and attention to detail: this isn’t a blue skies role. This is a doing and completing role
  • totally competent on the Web and better that us using standard apps, including an active presence on twitter

What you’ll get

  • A vertical learning curve (did we mention that already?)
  • You will leave with a vastly improved set of contacts and a bunch of new skills.
  • Access to leading edge thinking and experience
  • A chance to make a real impact in the short term
  • Potentially something that will turn into a permament role


This is a full-time, paid internship based in London, W1.
Initially: a trial of 3 months. It may lead to a full-time role
Financial terms: We will discuss.
Starting date: immediate

Send applications which should include a brief CV to Azeem directly at aa [at] pi.mu
We will get back to short-listed candidates directly.