Announcing the PeerIndex PiQ App for Hootsuite

We’re excited to announce that PeerIndex has teamed up with Hootsuite to provide our deep influence analytics at the heart of your day-to-day social media strategy.

Today’s savvy social media user knows that the days of counting follower numbers and retweets are over. A deeper understanding the people you’re engaging with, the conversations they’re creating, the people they’re engaging and their influence is what really matters.  For marketers, salespeople, community managers or PRs, knowing who is respected for their opinions and ideas, who’s already plugged-in to your target audience and who has the ability to amplify a message are key to getting value out of your social strategy.

That’s why PeerIndex measures influence against the engagement a user generates and the quality of people they are able to engage. We don’t simply count followers, we see who’s making an impact. And we show you exactly who an influencer is making an impact on as well as who’s influencing them in turn.

PiQ is the social media dashboard built on PeerIndex influence data which lets you search for influencers and build and analyse audiences.

Installing the PeerIndex PiQ Hootsuite App gives you access to the entire PeerIndex influence graph of over 315m active tweeters and the powerful PiQ influencer search, right alongside your other Hootsuite streams.


In the free PiQ Hootsuite app you can:

  • Search the names and bios of over 315m influencers across the world and filter your results by country or city or by level of influence.
  • Click on any individual to find out more about them and start engaging with them directly from the app.

Upgrade to the paid app for additional features:

  • 1000 results per search (20 in the free app)
  • Advanced filtering for more relevant search results (by gender or human/non-human)
  • Add the influencers you find to lists to keep track of them later (keep up to 5 active lists in your stream)

PeerIndex PiQ App for Hootsuite

Plan and implement your influencer outreach and react to events in real-time all within Hootsuite:

  • Discover the people you should be following and engaging with on a daily basis.
  • Find the people creating content your audience loves to share.
  • Identify potential advocates to reach out to personally.
  • Explore the community: see who else is influenced by or influencing your key targets.
  • Know whenever someone important has engaged with you or followed you and respond quickly.

Social Media Managers: Know who your most important followers and engagers are, find the people sharing content your audience loves and nurture relationships with people who can amplify your messaging most effectively.

Digital Marketers: Identify potential brand advocates, guest bloggers or content collaborators for your next campaign.

Business owners and Salespeople: Pinpoint the most valuable social connections and leads and people worth offering free trials or discounts to.

Customer Service and PR: Assess the impact of potential crises and know who’s most effective at generating buzz.

peerindex paid - GIF final

Whatever your strategy, the PiQ app for Hootsuite can find you the people that matter to you.

But having quick access to influence analytics is also extremely helpful for optimising your day-to-day social media management.

The new free and paid PiQ apps on Hootsuite provide you, at all times, with the human insight and expertise needed to filter out the growing noise on social media, to make the best decisions and to focus your energy in the most valuable places.

Install PiQ on Hootsuite for free today!

Or go PRO for just $4.99 per month

Explore more in PiQ

The full PiQ product offers deep content and audience analytics powered by the Science of Influence. Customise your social tracking and discover the people, content and conversations that are having the biggest impact within specific audiences. An audience can consist of your (or your competitors’) followers, a group connected by a shared interest or topic or a specific demographic. Customers such as Unilever, the FT and Coral are already using PiQ to pinpoint the people that matter specifically within their target audiences and track the content they share in real-time.

Want to learn more about PiQ’s audience analytics? Visit our site or get in touch today.



Who to Follow on Twitter in Fitness and Athletics

Whether you like chatting about the latest dieting and exercise trends or drawing funny pictures on your running map, Twitter offers access to a rich community of fitness and athletics fans, experts and professionals to help you keep in shape.

This is an friendly audience that loves to offer support and encouragement. And it’s also one of the first ports of call for anyone looking for opinions on the latest clothing, equipment or gadgets. Few audiences are better suited to implementing an effective influencer marketing campaign.

Fitness and Athletics Audience in PiQ – Overview

The PiQ Fitness and Athletics Audience tracks the influencers, conversations and content being talked about and shared by people into getting fit and fitness-related sports in the UK on Twitter daily and in real-time.

These audiences are built by looking at who people follow, what they talk about and the network of influence they are a part of.

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 17.26.04

The fitness and athletics audience is a particularly male one. Around two thirds of these tweeters are men. They are also generally older than the average Twitter user, between 35-45 being the most common age group.

PiQ tracks content, like hashtags, over the last month, week or 24 hours. The larger a word is, the more it was shared but the darker it is, the more specific to this particular audience.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 13.16.39

This is a fascinating audience to track in terms of conversations. Generally the topics they talk about most are fitness-related. #Cycling, #Triathlon and #Running are some of their favourite things to discuss. They also mention athletic events taking place such as the #GreatSouthRun and #TCSNYCMarathon, they’re even already talking about the #TDF2015.

But we can learn about this audience’s other interests by looking at this hashtag cloud. They’ve been watching the Great British Bake Off but what they really love is the BBC series #TheApprentice. Many of the people in this audience are clearly parents, since #HalfTerm has been trending over the past month.

Human Influencers

PI – the PeerIndex Score, indicates a person’s influence across the whole of Twitter. But we’re looking here at CPI – Community PeerIndex, this is a measure of their influence within the community specifically.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 13.41.07

Famous sportsmen and athletes with very large followings make up much of the top tier of influencers in this audience. But Michael Hutchinson is a noticeable exception. His acerbic observations on the world of cycling have made him an extremely popular figure among this specific group of people, despite having far fewer followers overall than the others.

Top Fitness Journalism

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 13.46.11

Runner’s World takes both top and 5th spots here. Many of these publications have a particularly high influence within the community compared to the whole of Twitter.

Top Bloggers

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 13.46.18

This is an audience with a very large number of popular blogs and group chats. These tweeters enjoy sharing knowledge and experiences. The Inner Ring is the ‘celebrity blogger’ of this community and issues to do with cycling in the capital are clearly important as Cyclists in the City and I Bike London come second and third.

Top Events

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 13.46.26

Unsurprisingly, @LeTour is the most influential account belonging to an event here, followed by the @LondonMarathon. Football is obviously a popular spectator sport, as is watching the England Rugby team.

Download the Fitness and Athletics Audience report here

If you’d like to find out more about the Fitness and Athletics Audience on Twitter and how you can track their conversations and influencers in real-time using PiQ, get in touch today!

How to Triple Your Engagement Rate On Twitter Ad Campaigns

Twitter recently introduced ‘tailored audiences’ to its Ads platform. This allows advertisers to target their campaigns using uploaded lists of Twitter IDs or emails. We’re testing PiQ’s audience and influence analytics with promoted campaigns. And the results have been very exciting!

Key Findings

When compared to targeting Twitter ‘topics’ or users’ followers, targeting with PiQ audiences saw improvements in campaign metrics across the board:

  • 3x Engagement Rate
  • 3x Click-through Rate
  • 8.5x Retweet Rate
  • 12.8x Average Reach per Retweet

Because we’re targeting the right influencers with the right messages, we’re seeing a considerable increase in engagement with the ads.

We also found that the people who were engaging were more likely to be influential within the category being targeted. This results in a greater reach and forms more valuable relationships in the long-term.

Check out some of our results in our report:

Want to try out PeerIndex data on your campaigns?

We’re looking for people running campaigns with a budget of at least £2000 to test out our audience targeting FOR FREE! If you’d like to learn more get in touch today.