Scotland Votes… the Last 24 Hours

Our audience of over 330k active Scottish tweeters had been tweeting at an extraordinary rate over the past few months. We took a look at what was happening in the Scottish Twittersphere in the final 24 hours before voting begins.

Influencers Inspire with Top Tweets

We took a look at the top tweets in our PiQ alerts from the last 24 hours as well and once again, it was the loud ‘Yeses’ that were making the most noise. And a few from South of the border too!

1. Andy Murray had his views swayed by the negativity of the ‘No’ campaign

2. Limmy won’t be content with a narrow victory

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 10.50.20

3. Greg Hemphill paints the scene this morning

4. Frankie Boyle on ‘the ugly side of politics’

5. Armando Iannucci doesn’t take sides, but he has enjoyed watching events unfold on Twitter

6. Nicola Sturgeon didn’t waste time this morning

7. Kevin Bridges has a message for Cameron

8. Simon Pegg offers his support

9. As does a famous Welsh voice

10. And Johnny Marr wants to see this go even further

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The top hashtags were all referendum related and right to the end, the Yes campaigns slogans dominate Scots’ timelines…

Scottish HashtagsLast 24 Hours

Did the Scots talk about anything else in the last day?

A bit…

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 11.07.01

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Scottish Referendum in Hashtags

As the referendum approaches, we’ve been analysing the tweets of over 330k active Scottish tweeters.

yesnovoteLooking at the conversations taking place in the Scottish Twittersphere in August, we found that the ‘Yes’ campaign was finding huge success leveraging social media to build support and get voters excited about backing them in the referendum.

This week, we looked at the tweets over the last 30 days to see how the conversation has been evolving before the big day.

Have the ‘No’ camp turned the tide on social? Not quite, but they’re gaining ground…

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The Top 50 hashtags

  • The referendum has continued to dominate Scottish people’s twitter timelines. All of the top 12 most shared hashtags were about the vote (counting #scotland)
  • Some ‘No’ hashtags have started climbing the table but there are still just 3 in the top 20
  • There are 6 pro-Yes’ hashtags in the top 20
  • The top Yes hashtag (#VoteYes) was tweeted 166k times in the last 30 days
  • The top No hashtags (#BetterTogether) was tweeted just 23k times
  • Mentions of The Ice Bucket Challenge, Scotland vs Germany and even the new series of Doctor Who were all eclipsed by the referendum debate

The Big Debate Nears its Conclusion

The most tweets in a day from this audience is still 690k on August 5th (the first Darling/Salmond debate). But the average number of tweets has been increasing before the vote from 490k in August per day to 510k over the last 7 days.

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Apple: The exception to the Twitter marketer`s rule

Today, Apple is hosting a “Special Event” on its website.

There are no official hashtags, no Twitter Q&A… in fact not even an official Apple Twitter account tweeting about it. And yet it has been one of the top stories on Twitter for the last month.

How does Apple do it? That’s a question that requires more space to answer, and has been tackled by some great bloggers before. What we do know is that the enigmatic tech company is big news on Twitter. And it is being talked about by all sorts of people, not just “Tech” sorts.

We took a look at tweets mentioning brands over the last month in 5 of our audiences on PiQ. Apple was in the top 5 for all of them.*

Venture Capital and Startup Audience

It makes sense that the tech fanatics, entrepreneurs and investors that make up our VC and Startup audience have been talking about Apple over the last month. They’re often talking about the next big thing in tech and, after Google, Apple is their second favourite brand to talk about.

VC Apple

@PeerIndex Followers

Our wonderful collection of followers from both sides of the Atlantic are also seriously into Apple. From tech-savvy early-adopters salivating at the prospect of the next product release to our marketing experts marvelling at Apple’s inimitable PR, they’re talking about Apple nearly 3 times as much as rival Samsung.

PeerIndex Apple

UK Football Audience

These football fans like recreating their favourite Premier League moments on their XBox. But they also fall under Apple’s marketing spell. It’s the 4th most talked about brand in this audience.

UK Football Apple

UK Fashion Audience

18 thousand tweeters we identified as being fashionistas. They’re discussing some of their favourite labels such as Topshop and Burberry, both boasting a fantastic social media presence, but it’s Apple that really gets them tweeting. Today, the tech giant is also a style icon. Which will play an important part in their marketing of wearable devices in the near future.

UK Fashion Apple

UK Music Audience

With the recent purchase of Dr Dre’s Beats, Apple will be hoping to make an impact with music fans. And when they’re not discussing their favourite Netflix shows (and Tesco, which again puts in a strong performance) they’re talking about the Apple devices that they increasingly use to listen to the tracks they love.

UK Music Apple

Apple has captured the imagination of social media users from all walks of life. Geeks, sports fans, sharp dressers and marketing gurus will all be tuning in to Apple’s mysterious announcement today. And you can bet they’ll be tweeting about it too.

And having bought Twitter analytics company, Topsy, last year, perhaps Apple will be listening in more closely than it seems when you look at the inscrutable Twitter-egg that still acts as the face of @Apple.

* We excluded social networks and media brands which tend to have a very high mention-rate as people share content on Twitter.

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