PeerIndex is Joining Brandwatch

UPDATE: PiQ is being taken offline. Unfortunately this means users will no longer be able to use our influencer search or other features of the app.

PeerIndex is now a part of Brandwatch. Ask for a demo of their awesome app here!

A message from our CEO Azeem:

I am delighted to announce that PeerIndex is joining forces with Brandwatch.

We started PeerIndex in 2010 with a view that with the rise of social platforms, people were going to matter more and more on the web. In that time, the hypothesis has been proved with more than 2 billion people actively using social platforms around the world.

During that time PeerIndex has pioneered topical-based influence metrics; scoring more than 300m social media accounts across hundreds of different topics. We’ve subsequently launched PiQ, our ground-breaking audience analytics product which helps marketers understand their target audiences in real time.

Brandwatch has built a substantial, fast-growing enterprise SaaS business, one of the best homegrown British tech companies we’ve seen. Brandwatch is a Certified Twitter Partner as well. As Brandwatch spreads into new markets, acquiring PeerIndex, with its expert team and technology platform, made sense.  You can read their announcement here.

Why is Brandwatch right for us? There were three reasons why Brandwatch was the best partner for PeerIndex and its team. First, they have a fantastic culture of openness, trust and reciprocity. Often those words are just written down, but we discovered at Brandwatch that these values were lived. And great culture is the bedrock of great companies.

Secondly, the people were fantastic. Giles Palmer, the CEO, and his leadership team are rock solid entrepreneurs and executives and people we can believe in for the long-run.

Finally, Brandwatch has built a real, vibrant business with more than 1,000 happy enterprise customers and industry-beating retention rates. We were consistently impressed with the discipline of their execution and how this provided a launch pad for growing new products into new markets.

Where next?

The Brandwatch announcement details some of our future plans. We’re excited to have the core PeerIndex technology woven into the top social analytics platform. The team will also be moving on to developing a new stealth product which marries content marketing and influence together.

On behalf of the PeerIndex team, past and present, I want to thank our investors, users, customers, advocates and supporters all for your support over the years.

Onwards and upwards,

Azeem Azhar

– Founder and CEO of PeerIndex


The UK`s Most Influential Fashionistas

What’s the point of looking fantastic if you can’t show everyone? The fashion community on Twitter is a lively and (depending on the season) colourful place to share looks and tips, fawn over one’s favourite fashion icon or cringe at the latest faux-pas.

The more visual Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram may be the spiritual homes of the fashion audience, but Twitter is where the discussions happen. What’s more, anyone who is anyone on one social network will also link to their Twitter, which makes the microblogging site a good place to see a snapshot of who and what the fashion audience in the UK are talking about.

UK Fashion Audience Overview

The PiQ UK Fashion Audience tracks the influencers, conversations and content being talked about and shared by people in the industry on Twitter daily and in real-time.

These audiences are built by looking at who people follow, what they talk about and the network of influence they are a part of.

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 15.50.23

This is a female-dominated online community which tends to tweet most during the week. There are many people talking about Fashion on Twitter but for this audience, we looked at the 16k most influential voices.

PiQ tracks content, like hashtags, over the last month, week or 24 hours. The larger a word is, the more it was shared but the darker it is, the more specific to this particular audience.

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 15.54.35

These tweeters are extremely London-focused and they tend to talk about their favourite stylists, bloggers and artists. You can also learn a lot about the TV tastes from this hashtag cloud. X Factor is their show of choice but they are also fans of The Apprentice and Made In Chelsea.

What else are they into? Look closely and may spot the keys to this audience’s heart: Chocolate, Cocktails and Cake!

Top Influencers

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 16.42.14

Who else but Victoria Beckham herself? The former Spice Girl and now designer has nearly 8 million followers and among the UK Fashion crowd on Twitter her voice is the most amplified.

Models Alexa Chung and Cara Delevigne follow and journalists Hilary Alexander and Alexander Fury also make the top 5.

Top Bloggers

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 16.44.22

Blogging is big in the Fashion world and Tanya Burr (who came 43rd in our London influencers report this year) is the undoubted queen of the blogs (on Twitter at least). She has over 1 million followers on the site, but it doesn’t always take a huge following to be influential, Lauren Johnstone, with just 2k still makes a noise and is engaged with other top fashion influencers, putting her at 5th on our list.

Top Non-Human Influencers

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 16.35.58

Vogue is the most influential account in the Fashion audience, Harper’s Bazaar is the next most popular publication. Online fashion and beauty store, ASOS is the number 1 brand, ahead of Topshop in 4th place.

Download the UK Fashion Audience report here.


If you’d like to find out more about the UK Fashion Audience on Twitter and how you can track their conversations and influencers in real-time using PiQ, get in touch today!


5 Top Uses for the New Advanced Search on Twitter

The hotly anticipated new Advanced Search was rolled out by Twitter recently. It lets users more easily search every single one of the roughly half a trillion tweets that have been sent since the microblogging site began in 2006.

The main features of the new advanced search on Twitter are:

  • Words – Clarify the exact words or phrases you want (or don’t want) to search for in any specific language.
  • People – Look for tweets to, by or about any specific user.
  • Places – Narrow your search by location to find nearby tweets
  • Dates – Find historical tweets or tweets by defining the dates you want to search between

searchThis has been widely celebrated by tweeters who were frustrated by the old search engine’s ability to find older tweets without having to place a paper-weight on the down arrow and leave the room for a few hours. It’s also prompted many to frantically trawl through some of their tweets from over 5 years ago to delete any embarrassing evidence of their former uncool or uncouth selves that they thought had been buried under years of data.

Marketers should also be excited about this new improvement. Because the Advance Search is in fact a fantastic new marketing tool, if you know how to use it right. We’ve highlighted 5 of the top marketing use cases to start trying out today.

Find People Talking About You (And Your Competitors)

The ‘Any of these words‘ search box is particularly useful for finding people who are talking about your brand. You might want to put your brand name, key products, web addresses and even common misspellings of your brand in there to make sure you’re finding all the conversations going on out there about you.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 16.04.05

You can also type your handle into the ‘Mentioning these accounts‘ box to find people talking about you. You probably already see these tweets in your Notifications but you can combine a search for people mentioning you with other keywords. For example, if you make energy drinks, you may want to find any mentions of your handle in the past when people were talking about you whilst dealing with the ‘Monday Blues’.

The ‘Mentioning these accounts‘ also lets you essentially create a notifications tab for each of your competitors. What’s more you can save any advanced search by clicking ‘save’ in the top right corner of your results. This way you don’t need to type out a complicated search all over again each time.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 16.05.12

You can even try out the sentiment filter to highlight positive or negative tweets.

Find Opportunities To Introduce Yourself

The impact of a brand reaching out to someone who hasn’t directly contacted them cannot be underestimated. It’s an extremely effective way of finding potential leads for both B2B and B2C.

If you are able to actually be helpful, rather than barging in on a conversation to advertise something barely relevant, it can also be a very welcome tactic to the potential customer looking for a solution to a problem. Just take a look at the recent success of the Marks and Spencer Fairies.


You can try tracking keywords or hashtags related to your business. But the advanced search lets you go one step further and look out for specific phrases. Here’s a few you can search for in conjunction with whatever keyword best describes your business:

  • “How do I”
  • “What is the best”
  • “Any recommendations”
  • “Trying to chose”

Research People

The ‘From these accounts’ box can help you take a look at the tweets of any individual you might be interested in. Take a closer look at potential leads and see if they’ve talked about you in the past, or one of your competitors. See which hashtags or events they’ve talked about so you can see if you have any common interests worth bringing up.

You might want to research people who are talking about you on Twitter, people who have just signed up to your services or you might want to learn more about influencers you’ve discovered on the PiQ influencer search.

Get Content Ideas

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 16.09.33One of the best ways to go about creating really engaging content is to answer something which your target audience has actually been looking for answers to!

This might be a good time to try out those question phrases from earlier, see what comes up if you search alongside a relevant hashtag.

You can also use this neat little trick from Amit Agarwal for narrowing your search to tweets with a certain number of retweets or favourites. This only seems to work for fairly recent tweets and is not part of the advanced search itself but it’s useful for finding recent popular stories or trends around a specific topic.

Create Target Audience Lists

Whether you’re looking for leads or people to follow or an audience you want to target in your next Twitter Ad campaign, the new search can help you out.

Try some of these searches to get a set of users who you can quickly add to a Twitter list to take a look at later:

  • People who mentioned an event
  • People who talked to or about your competition
  • People who talked about a topic during a specific time period
  • Local people who talked about your industry

womens soccerFor example, if you were planning to run a marketing campaign during next year’s Women’s Soccer World Cup, you might search for anyone who talked about this year’s Champions League Final (#UWCLFinal) or even the World Cup three and a half years ago.

You can even differentiate between people talking about the men’s and women’s game by searching for #worldcupfinal between the relevant dates.

If you have an authorised account, you can also now upload any Twitter list into PiQ. From there you’ll be able to see an up-to-date breakdown of each individual and rank your list by number of followers or level of influence.

Haven’t got a PiQ account? Try it today for free!