Newcomers make the UK Social Brand Report in October

The PiQ UK Social Brand Report for October has been released. And there are several new faces in the top 30 this month.

Each month we take a look at who our audience of the 100k most influential tweeters in the UK have been talking about.

Morrisons, who launched their new loyalty card and are aiming to take on their discount rivals by matching prices, became the 3rd most talked about supermarket. Though much of this may have been down to Lidl’s fantastic response to the news.

Audi made the list for the first time as well. Rumours about their joining Formula 1 were not true but they have been finding considerable success on social media in the last month.

IBM and Twitter have been in the news together as well. The two are partnering to provide companies with business insights based on the the rich social data the social network has to offer.

We also took a look at some of the most influential brands in the UK. Does being mentioned a lot mean you’re necessarily getting the most engagement? And which is most important to your brand?

See the full report here.

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Analysing the UK Health Audience on Twitter

Health has to be one of the most exciting sectors embracing social media at the moment. Innovators, medical practitioners, bloggers and brands are realising the potential of social networks like Twitter.

Specialists are sharing knowledge faster than ever before in the online chats documented by the Healthcare Hashtag Project. National health services like the NHS in the UK are providing real-time support to patients. And Twitter is even being used to detect epidemic outbreaks sooner.

UK Health Audience in PiQ – Overview

The PiQ Health and Medical Audience tracks the influencers, conversations and content being talked about and shared by people in the industry on Twitter daily and in real-time.

These audiences are built by looking at who people follow, what they talk about and the network of influence they are a part of.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 11.25.06

UK tweeters talking about health are more likely to be female. Our audience of around 14k users was roughly 64% female and 36% male.

PiQ tracks content, like hashtags, over the last month, week or 24 hours. The larger a word is, the more it was shared but the darker it is, the more specific to this particular audience.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 10.57.37

These tweeters are fond of hashtags and use them to discuss important events in the medical community. They are also politically engaged, regularly dissecting BBC’s Question Time. They are also big fans of the Great British Bake-Off (but presumably not for health reasons!)

Human Influencers

PI – the PeerIndex Score, indicates a person’s influence across the whole of Twitter. But we’re looking here at CPI – Community PeerIndex, this is a measure of their influence within the community specifically.


The most influential people in this audience are not all particularly famous. But within the community they are true celebrities.

Kate Granger beats TV doctors and politicians to the top spot. Her book The Other Side tells the story of a doctor coming to terms with a terminal cancer diagnosis and aims to offer insights to healthcare professionals into dealing with patients. Her tweets are inspirational, intelligent and informative. And they’re extremely popular within this medical community.

Non-Human Influencers


@WeNurses which connects the nurse community in the UK with Twitter chats and social media resources is the most influential account, followed by two mental health organisations: a very important issue to this community.

Outside Influencers

You don’t have to be in an audience to influence it. PiQ also tracks the people outside who are being talked about and retweeted – these people are usually celebrities who are particularly popular among  a certain group.


These tweeters are big comedy fans, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Fry tickling them in particular. They also tend to be influenced by the writing and tweeting of the strong political voices of people like Owen Jones and Marcus Chown.

Download the UK Health and Medical Audience report here

If you’d like to find out more about the UK Health Audience on Twitter and how you can track their conversations and influencers in real-time using PiQ, get in touch today!

How to Optimise your Content Marketing

Is your content not getting the attention it deserves? It may be time to start optimising!

It must first be said that the key to really successful content is, of course, writing something that is useful to your target audience, and writing it well.

But there are many ways to give your content marketing a helping hand: the push it needs to reach the people you’re trying to reach in the first place.

Hot topics

Before you start writing, find out what your followers or customers are already talking about. You may think you already know this but prepare to be surprised!

If you’re targeting football fans, for instance, yes they’ll be talking about football.

  • But what are the other most popular sports?
  • Which TV shows do they prefer?
  • What kind of content are they most interested in sharing?
Most popular hashtags in UK Football community last week

Most popular hashtags in UK Football community last week

You want to track your target audience’s conversations to see what’s hot at the moment. And then you want to plan ahead with a content calendar and start predicting what they’ll be most excited about in the future.


A lot has been said about optimising your headlines. Whether the ‘click-bait‘ phenomenon has had its day is debatable. Sites like Buzzfeed and the Huffington Post have made an art of luring people in with irresistible titles.

But you won’t know what works with you’re audience until you’ve tested it out.

Start with some of these suggestions but don’t forget to get creative as well!

Headline Optimisation

Do this with the same piece of content. It’s easy to change the copy of each tweet you use but you can also do it with the headlines themselves.

If you use WordPress you can find all sorts of plugins that will help you test your titles. Title Split Testing is just one that will let you know which of your headlines is working best so you can optimise your blog and find out what’s working.


Timing when you publish and share you content can be critical. And sharing what you’ve written at various different times is a must if you want to reach the widest possible audience. Especially if it has an international appeal.

Finding the best time to share content will depend on the context and style of what you’re come up with. An in depth report with lots of statistics may be best received first thing in the morning. A funny picture or a cool infographic may do better late afternoon when everyone is winding down.

Advanced Guide to Timing Tweets

The first thing to do is find out when your target audience is most active. A B2B crowd may turn their computers off in the evenings (yes, some people do!) but a younger demographic may be busiest after school and during the weekend.

Go forth and multiply

You want to give your content the best possible chance to be seen. So don’t just put it up on your blog, share it on any medium you can get your hands on!

  • Got some good data in there? Make a synopsis on Slideshare!
  • Got a few great visuals? Get it pinned on Pinterest!
  • Is your content telling a story? Storify it!

You’ll find you reach a different type of person on each platform so play around with the messaging each time to make a new version.


Influencers can help you make a piece of content really take off. But how can you get them to help you out?

Well first of all… ask them!

If there’s one thing we’ve learned dealing with influencers on social media, it’s that they love sharing things. If you’ve written a piece of content that is interesting a relevant, let them know about it.

Thanks man!

Thanks man!

Or go one step further and get your most powerful influencers to create something with/for you. That way you both benefit.

And don’t forget to return the favour. If you’re regularly sharing their content they’ll know who you are and they’ll certainly be more likely to want to help.


The new Twitter Ads platform is a paradise for content optimisers. You can now target people by location, demographic, who they follow and what they talk about.

What’s more you can see which criteria are working best in real-time. Keep fiddling with your targeting and you’ll soon be reaching the right people and see your ROI go up and up.

Twitter also lets you upload lists of users to target. This might be a list of emails of your existing customers or newsletter subscribers. Or you can use PiQ’s list exporting function to create influencer lists of your own. PiQ also lets you upload lists from your Twitter account so you can target people you’ve collected previously.

The most important thing is to keep experimenting. Try new things and measure what’s working and what’s not. Be open to surprises and you’ll soon be an optimisation expert!

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