5 Top Uses for the New Advanced Search on Twitter

The hotly anticipated new Advanced Search was rolled out by Twitter recently. It lets users more easily search every single one of the roughly half a trillion tweets that have been sent since the microblogging site began in 2006.

The main features of the new advanced search on Twitter are:

  • Words – Clarify the exact words or phrases you want (or don’t want) to search for in any specific language.
  • People – Look for tweets to, by or about any specific user.
  • Places – Narrow your search by location to find nearby tweets
  • Dates – Find historical tweets or tweets by defining the dates you want to search between

searchThis has been widely celebrated by tweeters who were frustrated by the old search engine’s ability to find older tweets without having to place a paper-weight on the down arrow and leave the room for a few hours. It’s also prompted many to frantically trawl through some of their tweets from over 5 years ago to delete any embarrassing evidence of their former uncool or uncouth selves that they thought had been buried under years of data.

Marketers should also be excited about this new improvement. Because the Advance Search is in fact a fantastic new marketing tool, if you know how to use it right. We’ve highlighted 5 of the top marketing use cases to start trying out today.

Find People Talking About You (And Your Competitors)

The ‘Any of these words‘ search box is particularly useful for finding people who are talking about your brand. You might want to put your brand name, key products, web addresses and even common misspellings of your brand in there to make sure you’re finding all the conversations going on out there about you.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 16.04.05

You can also type your handle into the ‘Mentioning these accounts‘ box to find people talking about you. You probably already see these tweets in your Notifications but you can combine a search for people mentioning you with other keywords. For example, if you make energy drinks, you may want to find any mentions of your handle in the past when people were talking about you whilst dealing with the ‘Monday Blues’.

The ‘Mentioning these accounts‘ also lets you essentially create a notifications tab for each of your competitors. What’s more you can save any advanced search by clicking ‘save’ in the top right corner of your results. This way you don’t need to type out a complicated search all over again each time.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 16.05.12

You can even try out the sentiment filter to highlight positive or negative tweets.

Find Opportunities To Introduce Yourself

The impact of a brand reaching out to someone who hasn’t directly contacted them cannot be underestimated. It’s an extremely effective way of finding potential leads for both B2B and B2C.

If you are able to actually be helpful, rather than barging in on a conversation to advertise something barely relevant, it can also be a very welcome tactic to the potential customer looking for a solution to a problem. Just take a look at the recent success of the Marks and Spencer Fairies.


You can try tracking keywords or hashtags related to your business. But the advanced search lets you go one step further and look out for specific phrases. Here’s a few you can search for in conjunction with whatever keyword best describes your business:

  • “How do I”
  • “What is the best”
  • “Any recommendations”
  • “Trying to chose”

Research People

The ‘From these accounts’ box can help you take a look at the tweets of any individual you might be interested in. Take a closer look at potential leads and see if they’ve talked about you in the past, or one of your competitors. See which hashtags or events they’ve talked about so you can see if you have any common interests worth bringing up.

You might want to research people who are talking about you on Twitter, people who have just signed up to your services or you might want to learn more about influencers you’ve discovered on the PiQ influencer search.

Get Content Ideas

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 16.09.33One of the best ways to go about creating really engaging content is to answer something which your target audience has actually been looking for answers to!

This might be a good time to try out those question phrases from earlier, see what comes up if you search alongside a relevant hashtag.

You can also use this neat little trick from Amit Agarwal for narrowing your search to tweets with a certain number of retweets or favourites. This only seems to work for fairly recent tweets and is not part of the advanced search itself but it’s useful for finding recent popular stories or trends around a specific topic.

Create Target Audience Lists

Whether you’re looking for leads or people to follow or an audience you want to target in your next Twitter Ad campaign, the new search can help you out.

Try some of these searches to get a set of users who you can quickly add to a Twitter list to take a look at later:

  • People who mentioned an event
  • People who talked to or about your competition
  • People who talked about a topic during a specific time period
  • Local people who talked about your industry

womens soccerFor example, if you were planning to run a marketing campaign during next year’s Women’s Soccer World Cup, you might search for anyone who talked about this year’s Champions League Final (#UWCLFinal) or even the World Cup three and a half years ago.

You can even differentiate between people talking about the men’s and women’s game by searching for #worldcupfinal between the relevant dates.

If you have an authorised account, you can also now upload any Twitter list into PiQ. From there you’ll be able to see an up-to-date breakdown of each individual and rank your list by number of followers or level of influence.

Haven’t got a PiQ account? Try it today for free!

UK Gaming Audience on Twitter – Top Trends and Influencers

Few communities have taken to social media with as much enthusiasm as that group who call themselves gamers. Gaming today is a passionately social activity enjoyed by an extremely diverse collection of die-hard fans, dabblers and full-time professionals.

When thinking about gaming and Twitter, many people think of ugly debate that sparked the hashtag #GamerGate in August. But, in fact, this is generally a welcoming, civil and very friendly online community, far removed from the nasty trolling back and forth that that movement has become associated with.

Gamers are using social media to discuss upcoming releases, meet like-minded fans and sharing their experiences. Twitch, the gaming broadcasting site where players can show off their skills to their (sometimes millions) of fans and friends, has become an online phenomenon in just a few years.

To engage with this audience, you need to really know the landscape but there are a lot of ‘regular’ tweeters and vloggers who have become extremely powerful influencers. If you know who to talk to, you can have a huge impact.

UK Gaming Audience Overview

The PiQ UK Gaming Audience tracks the influencers, conversations and content being talked about and shared by people involved in gaming culture in the UK on Twitter daily and in real-time.

These audiences are built by looking at who people follow, what they talk about and the network of influence they are a part of.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 17.05.23

This is a largely male audience, but around 1 in 5 influencers is female. This is also an extremely active community: the 30K tweeters in PiQ’s database tweet an average of 40K times per day.

PiQ tracks content, like hashtags, over the last month, week or 24 hours. The larger a word is, the more it was shared but the darker it is, the more specific to this particular audience.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 13.50.16

The infamous #GamerGate has been a big talking point in this audience, but, interestingly, it is less relevant among thee tweeters than the other gaming hashtags. This would suggest that the GamerGate argument is taking place more in other countries or that it has spread outside the gaming community and is being discussed by a broader group of people. The TV show ‘The X Factor‘ is actually more specifically relevant to these gamers than GamerGate.

New and old games are the mot popular topics of conversation. These tweeters also love football and television. They also talk about politics from time to time.

Human Influencers

PI – the PeerIndex Score, indicates a person’s influence across the whole of Twitter. But we’re looking here at CPI – Community PeerIndex, this is a measure of their influence within the community specifically.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 11.18.18

YouTube Vloggers are the big influencers here. The huge followings that gamers such as Tom Cassell and Matt Craig have amassed on YouTube have followed them across to Twitter. Graeme Boyd of Xbox, the only non-vlogger here, takes the 5th spot.

Top Outside Influencers

You don’t have to be in an audience to influence it. PiQ also tracks the people outside who are being talked about and retweeted – these people are usually celebrities who are particularly popular among  a certain group.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 11.18.27

Another vlogger, perhaps the most famous of all, Swedish Felix Kjellberg (better known as Pewdiepie) make this lit of outside influencers. But this communities diverse interests are reflected by the presence of footballers and comedians. Simon Pegg and Rio Ferdinand are famously fond of gaming themselves.

Top Female Influencers

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 11.18.34

The very top influencers are all male in this audience, but there is a large community of female gamers in this audience. Journalists and yet more vloggers make up the most influential of them.

Top Non-Human Influencers

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 11.18.41

FIFA is the king as far as games with their own Twitter accounts go. Titanfall also boasts a loyal following. Game is the top retailer and Scuf Gaming is the most influential brand represented in this audience.

Download the UK Gaming Audience Report here

If you’d like to learn more about PiQ or get access to the full UK Gaming audience, get in touch today.

Or try out PiQ’s free influencer search and start finding influencers that matter to you.


Announcing the PeerIndex PiQ App for Hootsuite

We’re excited to announce that PeerIndex has teamed up with Hootsuite to provide our deep influence analytics at the heart of your day-to-day social media strategy.

Today’s savvy social media user knows that the days of counting follower numbers and retweets are over. A deeper understanding the people you’re engaging with, the conversations they’re creating, the people they’re engaging and their influence is what really matters.  For marketers, salespeople, community managers or PRs, knowing who is respected for their opinions and ideas, who’s already plugged-in to your target audience and who has the ability to amplify a message are key to getting value out of your social strategy.

That’s why PeerIndex measures influence against the engagement a user generates and the quality of people they are able to engage. We don’t simply count followers, we see who’s making an impact. And we show you exactly who an influencer is making an impact on as well as who’s influencing them in turn.

PiQ is the social media dashboard built on PeerIndex influence data which lets you search for influencers and build and analyse audiences.

Installing the PeerIndex PiQ Hootsuite App gives you access to the entire PeerIndex influence graph of over 315m active tweeters and the powerful PiQ influencer search, right alongside your other Hootsuite streams.


In the free PiQ Hootsuite app you can:

  • Search the names and bios of over 315m influencers across the world and filter your results by country or city or by level of influence.
  • Click on any individual to find out more about them and start engaging with them directly from the app.

Upgrade to the paid app for additional features:

  • 1000 results per search (20 in the free app)
  • Advanced filtering for more relevant search results (by gender or human/non-human)
  • Add the influencers you find to lists to keep track of them later (keep up to 5 active lists in your stream)

PeerIndex PiQ App for Hootsuite

Plan and implement your influencer outreach and react to events in real-time all within Hootsuite:

  • Discover the people you should be following and engaging with on a daily basis.
  • Find the people creating content your audience loves to share.
  • Identify potential advocates to reach out to personally.
  • Explore the community: see who else is influenced by or influencing your key targets.
  • Know whenever someone important has engaged with you or followed you and respond quickly.

Social Media Managers: Know who your most important followers and engagers are, find the people sharing content your audience loves and nurture relationships with people who can amplify your messaging most effectively.

Digital Marketers: Identify potential brand advocates, guest bloggers or content collaborators for your next campaign.

Business owners and Salespeople: Pinpoint the most valuable social connections and leads and people worth offering free trials or discounts to.

Customer Service and PR: Assess the impact of potential crises and know who’s most effective at generating buzz.

peerindex paid - GIF final

Whatever your strategy, the PiQ app for Hootsuite can find you the people that matter to you.

But having quick access to influence analytics is also extremely helpful for optimising your day-to-day social media management.

The new free and paid PiQ apps on Hootsuite provide you, at all times, with the human insight and expertise needed to filter out the growing noise on social media, to make the best decisions and to focus your energy in the most valuable places.

Install PiQ on Hootsuite for free today!

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Explore more in PiQ

The full PiQ product offers deep content and audience analytics powered by the Science of Influence. Customise your social tracking and discover the people, content and conversations that are having the biggest impact within specific audiences. An audience can consist of your (or your competitors’) followers, a group connected by a shared interest or topic or a specific demographic. Customers such as Unilever, the FT and Coral are already using PiQ to pinpoint the people that matter specifically within their target audiences and track the content they share in real-time.

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